What Are Keywords For?

We hear a lot of talk about keywords but actually what are keywords for?

In The Beginning

Back in the early days keywords were  the main way that people found your site.  The problem was that webmasters back then used to game the system.  Webmaster engaged in keyword stuffing to get their websites to rank.

keyword stuffing
keyword stuffing

Often the user did not even see these keywords as the webmasters used techniques that would hide the keywords.  One way to hide the keywords would be to insert repeating keywords in the input type=”hidden” field meta tag or keyword tag.  By doing this the user did not see the keywords but the search engine did.

Another way that webmasters hid their chosen keywords was by making the keywords the same colour as the page’s background.  Unless a user highlighted the text he could not see it.  When a webmaster engages in this practice it is referred to as spamindexing.

Although this at one time was a common practice Google no longer allows this.   Google may even ban the site permanently or temporarily.  The site will also lose its’ high rank in the search engines.

Google has made many changes over the years.  These changes have all been geared towards user experience.  At one time when entering a keyword to search out some information online you would not be guaranteed that you would get something back that was relevant to your search.

Now with all the changes that have taken place over the years the user has a much better experience.  Often the user will find what he is looking for without too much trouble.

Times Have Changed

Nowadays keywords although they basically do the same job as they did years ago they do it much better.  Why you ask?  Well Google has laid out the rules and are constantly changing the rules which in turn keeps the majority of webmasters on their toes.  Some have tried to outfox Google but the majority of website owners have learned through their sites being banned that it is much easier to follow the rules then to break them.

banned site
banned site

So we come back to our initial question what are keywords for?

Keywords form the foundation of a website.  First let’s look at keywords from a webmaster’s perspective.

Keywords From The Webmaster’s Perspective

In order to build a successful website a webmaster must build a website that people are going to find and once they find it will actually read the content.

They write their content based on keywords.  Normally an article is based on one keyword.  Back in the 90’s you would try and use that keyword throughout the article.  You were looking for between 5 – 10 percent keyword density.  Sometimes as the person tried to use the keyword the article did not read right and ended up not making much sense.

Nowadays writers do not worry about keyword density.  Normally a writer tries to use the keyword in the title of the article and once in the first paragraph.  After that he/she is looking for an article where the content sounds normal and makes sense.  They are looking to write content that will benefit their audience.  There are many words that you can use that have a similar meaning as your keyword and when you are writing content that flows these words will come in to use naturally.

Keywords From The Reader’s Perspective

Now as far as the reader’s perspective the use of keywords has not changed at all.  Keywords are what the reader uses to find the information they are seeking online.  The big difference now compared to the 90’s is his search will bring back much more accurate results.  The reader gets a much better experience online then they did before Google made all their changes.

Finding Keywords

So when a website owner decides to create content for his site he needs to find keywords that are going to be relevant to his site and will get enough searches that it will bring visitors to his site.

Looking for keywords, the right keywords is essential to the success of your online business.  Goof this up and you have done a whole lot of work for nothing.

keyword search
keyword search

Tools or software is available for a website owner to use to help him find the best keywords for his site.

Since Google is all about the user experience they have a free tool for webmasters to use so they can deliver the best content to their readers.

This tool is known as Keyword Planner tool and you need a Google Adwords account to use it.  Signing up for Google Adwords is completely free so the keyword tool is also free to use.

There are other free keyword tools available as well, to find them you just have to google “free keyword tool”.

The free keyword tool give you the basics and for those just starting out free is good.  The free tools will tell you how many searches a particular keyword is getting and how many visitors a keyword in the number one spot in the serp’s will get.

There are also keyword tools that one can purchase.  One of them that I did a review on is Market Samurai.  There is a free version and a paid version of Market Samurai.  The paid version gives you a lot more information than the free version.

There is another keyword tool that is quite good also and that is Jaaxy.  It was created by the two fellas that own Wealthy Affiliate.  We all know what their track record is with Wealthy Affiliate so it goes without saying that Jaaxy is following along the same successful path.

Free tools can only take you so far and when starting out that is fine but as you learn more about how to use keywords to rank your site you are going to need more information.  You want to know how many sites are already ranking for that keyword.  Jaaxy will tell you how many sites you are up against.

Jaaxy will also let you know if a domain name with your keyword in it is available.

You can try Jaaxy out for 30 free searches.

Since keywords are the foundation of your website does it not seem wise to have a tool that will help you build a solid foundation.  Try Jaaxy out, I think you will be pleased with the results you get.



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