The Best Jobs For Retirees

Although many retirees plan well and do not need to work after retirement some of us, for whatever reason, did not plan so well.  So if you are now retired but need more income the best jobs for retirees can actually be online.


Now some retirees plan very well but just become bored and would like to keep working in some capacity.  Not full time mind you but part-time would be more suitable for them.

As a retiree you do not have a 9 to 5 job to go to all day so that gives you a lot of time to dedicate your time and energy to something else.

What’s Out There

So let’s take a look at what types of jobs are available to the older generation.

As a retiree I was quite surprised at the choices that are available job wise for retirees.

One of those jobs is a school bus driver.  You would need a clean driving record and must like children.  Your day would be split up.  You would do a morning run from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and then an afternoon run from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.  These of course are approximations.  You would also have the summer off.

Another job that is well suited for a retiree is a Delivery Driver.  A couple of my friends that I worked with have actually started doing this.  They deliver prescription drugs for the pharmacy that they work for.  Requirements are a good clean driving record, no drug history and a knowledge of the city would be a great asset.

Another driving job would be a limousine driver.  Again a clean driving record is a must.

Often during the busy Christmas season big retail stores like Wal Mart are looking for extra workers to help with the busy season.  Depending on what type of job it is you may be required to do some lifting.  So being able to lift and being on your feet may be a requirement of the job.

Other jobs that a retiree can do may be dictated by a skill you are good at.  If you are good with a needle and thread maybe you can do light repairs or alterations either in the home or maybe for a dry cleaning service.

senior sewing
senior sewing

You may have other skills or an interesting hobby that you wish to share with other people.  You can do this in the format of an e-book.

Of course in order to do this you are going to need some computer skills.

Surprisingly people over sixty who did not grow up in the computer age sometimes are not comfortable around computers.

The thing about a job where you will be using your computer that makes it one of the best jobs for retirees is you can set your own pace and you can work from home or any place where you can hook up to the internet.

Starting an online business can be quite a daunting task especially if you are not familiar with a computer or the workings of the internet.

As someone who just a few years ago was in this exact same situation you need not be intimidated.  You didn’t get this far in life by being intimidated by every new challenge that came your way.

Not only is having your own online business one of the best jobs for retirees it can also be a very good paying part time job.  Don’t get me wrong there are many good paying part time jobs out there but I think that having your own online business is one of the best.

You set your own hours.  You work at your own pace.  You work where you want to.

Other than money the other reason that many retirees seek to work after retirement is that they wish to stay mentally active.

Running your own online business will definitely keep you thinking.

So if you do not know anything about running an online business you need to learn.  The first thing you are about to learn is that they are many programs online that are more than willing to show you how to build an online business.

There are also many people out there who are more than willing to offer you some outrageous offers and just take your money giving you nothing in return.

Welcome to the dark side of the net.  You want mental stimulation you will definitely get it when you try and distinguish between the good offers and the bad offers.

Here Are Some Guidelines That Will Help You With That.

Does their offer sound too good to be true? If this is the case then it is probably true – take your wallet and run!

running man
running man

Do they offer you a large sum of money but you need to pay some sort of fee first? – Run as fast as you can!

Do they claim this offer will be gone shortly?  Go back in a month and it will probably still be there.

Your computer is under a virus attack download this application to take care of it.  Do not touch that download button.  Your computer probably will be infected if you “download” their application.

Every been directed to a video only to have the video not play?  Then up pops the solution just download this driver to play video.  This download could possibly be malware.  Malware can be very harmful to you and your computer.  Some malware can actual control your computer while other can keep track of every keystroke you make.  This could easily give the hacker usernames, passwords etc.

There does not seem to be an easy way to contact them after purchase.

Support seems to be at a minimal.

No way to access program unless you purchase up front.

Once you purchase you are hit with numerous upsells.

These are just a few things that people do online to scam you out of your hard earned money.

If you are looking for a program to teach you how to run a successful online business then you are looking for the place that I use.

After I retired I tried many online programs.  Not all were scams but many were geared towards people that already had a great deal of knowledge of how to setup and run a profitable online business.

Not having any of this knowledge these programs were way over my head.  After a long search I found the place that caters to us newbies and to the more experienced affiliate marketer.

They will take you by the hand and guide you in the steps you need to build your online presence.  If you are stuck there is a community of people there to help you.  This place is called Wealthy Affiliate.  Check it out now!

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    • Chris
    • November 24, 2016

    I suppose a lot of this advice could apply to me…even though I am not a senior (yet!!!!). I’m 41 so I know how the internet works, but I can imagine it being very confusing for someone older who does not!
    This Wealthy Affiliate education seems to be doing the rounds doesn’t it? It’s the second time I’ve heard it mentioned today! Gonna check it out this evening and see if I can open a free account…

      • Maureen
      • November 26, 2016

      At 62 I do consider myself a senior and sometimes I find this computer stuff and lingo very confusing but Wealthy Affiliate does help to explain it all. You can sign up for a free account and I would highly recommend it. You can see what Wealthy Affiliate is all about before you decide if you want to continue further with a paid membership. Good luck Chris!

    • Kris
    • May 18, 2016

    Some great advice there, not just for seniors.
    Of course it must be difficult to navigate the internet if you are just new to it. I am lucky being mid thirties means I grew up with the internet from my teens onwards. The kids today are going to be even more savvy! Definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate though. They do make it all a lot less daunting!
    Cheers, Kris

    1. Reply

      Hi Kris I did not grow up with the internet so it was all so foreign to me when I first started out. Heck we didn’t even have calculators. The way everything has advanced I can only imagine what is in store for the kids of today. WA makes it so much easier if you want to learn how to run a successful online business.

    • Margaret
    • May 18, 2016

    As a retiree who was not ready for retirement and did not have the chance to plan well financially I can certainly relate to what you are saying. I joined Wealthy Affiliate to supplement my income and found there are a lot of other benefits here too. I never get bored, I have met some wonderful people in the WA Community and I am keeping my brain cells hopping learning new skills. What’s not to love here. I liked your comment on take your money and run. Excellent advice.

    1. Reply

      Hi Margaret nice to meet another retiree. I did not plan well either. I injured myself at work so I stopped working before my original plan. Joining WA as you say does definitely keep the brain cells active. What could be better than keeping brain cells active and earning some extra cash!

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