Success Equals Freedom

What do I mean by Success Equals Freedom?  A visitor came to my site and although they found my site somewhat informative they had to go to several pages and read several posts to find out what exactly my site was about.

Now this person happened to be a friend of mine so I consider myself lucky that I had their input.  If it had been just some random person they would have left the site not long after landing on it.  The majority of my visitors would not explore around and see just what my site had to offer.  Thus I thought that maybe I should let people know when they first land here just what my site is all about.

success equals freedom
success equals freedom

This site’s main purpose is to help people take the right steps in learning how to make money online.  When you start to have some success making money online then you will have freedom.

You will have freedom – what exactly does that mean to you?

Having freedom means many different things to many different people.

Freedom means:

-being able to pay your bills

-being able to put food on the table

-being able to pay for your child’s education

-being able to retire

-being able to travel

So as you can see freedom can mean a lot of things to a lot of people.  To achieve that freedom from an online perspective we need to be successful at making money online.

So how does one become successful at running an online business?  That is a good question and one that I have been pursuing for a long time.

Everyone has a reason for wanting to have a successful online business.  You may be a struggling student looking for extra money to pay your tuition or you may have recently become unemployed or you do not like the job you are presently doing or like me you have recently retired and your income has been greatly reduced.

So my journey started about 10 years ago.

The first thing I tried were online surveys.  You did make money but it was like pennies earned for surveys.  They would go for days without sending you any surveys to do.  To me it was a totally ripoff.

The next thing I tried was affiliate marketing.  I purchased my first ebook from a guy who called himself the Rich Jerk.  Being totally new to the computer world I did not understand a thing that was in that book.  I tried and tried to understand what he was saying but frustration overtook before I understood what he was trying to teach.  That was Kelly Felix’s first ebook and it made him a lot of money.  Although many things have change in the online marketing world a lot of things in that ebook still apply today.

There was nothing wrong with that ebook.  If you had some previous knowledge about online marketing that ebook was like a bible.  The problem for me was I did not have any experience with online marketing and I had nowhere to turn for help in deciphering the ebook.

Next I tried online surfing(for lack of a better term).  You would be given websites to check out and when you did you got paid.  Again the money was a joke.  More times than not you were awarded points which could be converted to merchandise or cash.  You would need thousands of points just for one dollar and the points would take you months to acquire.  It was a totally ripoff.

I then tried affiliate marketing for the second time.  I signed up for an online course with a fellow who is no longer around.  The cost was approximately $2500 a year.  Now you have to understand I am retired and on a fixed income so to me this was a huge amount of money.  He offered support and we did have mastermind groups.  So the concept was good.  Problem was shortly after collecting year two’s fee he pulled the plug.  Gone, Bye Bye, Never to be seen or heard from again.

You would think I would have learned my lesson but the trusting soul that I am I found another online course.  It wasn’t as expensive but for a retiree on a fixed income it was pricey.  Things were going along pretty good when suddenly they also pulled the plug.  So I finally figured it out – The way to make money online is to pretend you are a successful online marketer suck in some people, get their money and then run.  Just Joking!

make money online
make money online

So as you can see I have had some bad experiences in my quest to learn how to make money online.  I have yet to achieve my freedom.

These bad experiences did stop me for awhile.  Then I stumbled onto Wealthy Affiliate.  The first thing you notice about Wealthy Affiliate that is different from most other online course is they actually have a free membership.  Yes you can actually sign up for free and your free membership entitles you to two websites hosted by them.  The sites are subdomains but who else have you heard even offering that!

Then of course you have the paid membership.  Of course there’s a lot more included with the paid membership which you will get a taste of for your first seven days at Wealthy Affiliate.  Not many programs give you full access before you pull out your wallet but Wealthy Affiliate does.

Is there any fear of them closing up shop and taking off with your money?  Absolutely not!  They have been in business for over 10 years and they have help thousands of people start an online business.

For me I am still working towards my freedom.  I have had small successes along the way but I still have a ways to go.  If you are looking for freedom come join me at Wealthy Affiliate or you can look around some more and find somewhere else where you think you can learn to make money online.  Honestly though the best place you are going to find to teach you how to achieve your financial freedom is Wealthy Affiliate.  Take it from me and learn from my mistakes.  I’ve tried the rest now come try the best.

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