Magic Article Rewriter Review

Having a propensity for shiny objects has finally paid off.  Normally when trying to learn how to make money online we try to avoid buying every new shiny object that comes along.  Finally it may have paid off!

Writing reviews can sometimes be quite difficult especially if you have not purchased the product.  I said difficult not impossible.  So when thinking about doing a review for my site I went to the digital dust on my computer and lo and behold I found my copy of Magic Article Rewriter.

Product:  Magic Article Rewriter                          

Magic Article Rewriter
Magic Article Rewriter

Owner:  Alexander Krulik
Cost:  Special $47.00
Regular $77.00
Overall Rank:  70/100
Benefits:  Newbie to Experienced

Magic Article Rewriter – What Is It?

Magic Article Rewriter is software that you load on to your computer.  Basically what it does is takes an article and spins it in to hundreds of other articles that are all unique.

This is how it works.  You take an article and you replace words in the article with words or phrases that you think will match.  For example “I took my dog for a long walk on the beach.”You could then replace words like my dog with my German Shepherd, my canine companion, my furry friend and then long walk could be replace with a nice run, a short walk.  You would then end up with the following sentences, “I took my furry companion for a nice run on the beach or I took my furry companion for a short walk on the beach.

I could keep going but I think you get the gist of it.

It is very important to proof read your new articles as some of them will be total gibberish.

Magic Article Rewriter Review – What I Liked

When I purchased MAR article marketing was much more popular than it is today.  Everyone was doing article marketing to drive traffic to their sites.  Places like Ezinearticles were very popular and everyone wanted to achieve Diamond Expert Level, which meant you could submit as many articles as you wanted.

If used properly MAR definitely helped  create hundreds of articles that could be submitted to many of the Article Submission places.  You had to be careful though if any of these places thought that it was spun content you could get banned.

Again if used properly MAR did save you some time.

Also I liked the fact that it was only a one time price to purchase.  This one time price also includes updates to the product.  Alex also provided very helpful videos to show us how to use the software.

Magic Article Rewriter Review – What I Didn’t Like

Although MAR did save some time it was still a lot of work.  Also there was always the worry of duplicate content.  Sometimes it was just faster and easier to do some research and write some articles.

Magic Article Rewriter Review – Overall Thoughts

For today’s marketer I think this tool is outdated.  One of the main purposes of having a tool like MAR was to build backlinks to your site.  Now Google’s Head of Spam Matt Cutts has discouraged marketers from using article marketing as a way to build backlinks.EzineArticles Cartoon

As a matter of fact Google’s Penguin update in 2014 changed their ranking algorithm that was based on backlinks.  Since backlinks could be easily manipulated using Black Hat and Grey Hat methods Google changed the algorithm to reflect this, thus placing much less emphasis on backlinks.

Today one of the main thing to get you ranked is content and not content that is spun.

If you wish to learn ways that you can get your content ranked check out my favourite learning center – Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build an online business from the ground up and you can join for free.

Check it out!

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