Free Yourself From The Shiny Object Syndrome

Do you have any idea how much money the shiny object syndrome has sucked out of your wallet?

Is the shiny object like crack is for a drug user?

shiny object syndrome
shiny object syndrome

If you ever intend to have a successful online business you need to beat this shiny object syndrome addiction.

Off To Rehab

In order to start on your road to recovery you should first take an inventory of all the digital dust you have on your hard drive.  When I did this I was amazed at all the software and programs I had actually accumulated over the years.  Thank goodness I had them on an external hard drive or else my computer would have been greatly slowed down by all that excessive baggage.

Anything that is outdated I would suggest you get rid of it.  This could be a lot seeing how things online change so often.

Another thing you should look for is any membership sites that you belong to.  If you are paying for these take a good hard look at them and make sure you are getting what you are paying for.  Ask yourself is this helping me attain a successful online business or is it just another shiny object?

Obviously if it is a shiny object cancel it immediately.  Also make sure you get off their mailing list, which I am sure they have and I am sure you are on.

Time Is Money

I don’t know about you but I consider my time very valuable so if someone is wasting my time they in a sense are costing me money.  I mentioned above about getting off a mailing list for any membership that you may have belonged to.

time is money
time is money

Now the next step in freeing yourself from the shiny object syndrome is to go to your mailbox and see how many other mailing lists you are on.  Often times when you buy a product you end up on a mailing list.  This allows you to get any updates when they come along.  It also lets the product owner to keep pitching new products at you.  In fact often you will be bombard by him and his buddies.

Get Off These Lists Now!

Even if you just go through and delete these emails it is still time consuming.  You will save much more time if you just unsubscribe from these lists.  If you are concerned about missing updates for your product, you can just check that out online when YOU FEEL LIKE IT!

What Do I Do With All This Free Time?

So you now have gotten rid of a lot of digital dust and your incoming email is now a whole lot more manageable what next?

Now you have the time to actually start building your online business.  There are some things that you are going to need which really is an awful thing to tell someone who is still in the recovery stage from the shiny object syndrome.

So What Are These Things?

Well apart from the usual domain name and website it would be good to have some sort of a guide to help you get started with building your successful online business.

There are also some tools that are needed when building your business, like a keyword tool for example.

What would be really great is to have someone that understands what you are trying to do, someone that you could compare notes with, someone that will help you get over hurdles that you will encounter.

What you really need is a community of like-minded people that have the information and the tools available to not only build a successful online business but to help others build a successful online business.

I have collected a lot of digital dust in my pursuit of building a successful online business.

I have joined many make money online programs over the years only to have the proverbial rug pulled out from under my feet.  IT STOPS NOW!

I Am Cured

Finally I no longer look for shiny objects.  Why you ask?  I have found what is needed to build my successful online business.

I actually found a community of like-minded people.  People, who, just like me want to make money online. Many of these people are quite successful and have quit their day job and they are more than willing to help those of us who are still learning.

This place also has the tutorials to educate us and the tools that are needed to build our business.

The best part about this place is that you do not need your wallet to join.  You can sign up for free.

By now you are wondering what is this place?  This place is known as Wealthy Affiliate.  It has been around since 2005 and it just keeps getting better.

The owners update the content on a regular basis to keep up with all the Google changes.

So do you want to stop the shiny object syndrome cycle?  Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.  Click Here.


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    • Jacob Schilling
    • September 6, 2017

    Inspirational post, distractions not only prevent us from succeeding in an online business, they prevent us from succeeding in almost anything positive we try to do in our lives. The suggestions you made work, but we must be sure to preserve through focus, for if we are truly not focused on our goals, then we are just walking around lost!

    • stefan
    • August 28, 2016

    I completely agree. We need to eliminate all the unnecessary stuff that we sign up to and focus mainly on one thing- content creation. Time is precious, and for an internet marketer it means more contents, which means more traffic and consequently more sales. There is no secret, but people look for excuses instead of working on their sites. Its hard sometimes to keep focused, but there is no shortcuts.
    Thanks for your great article.

      • Maureen
      • August 29, 2016

      Thanks for your comment Stefan. I was one of those people looking for the next best thing. It took awhile to realize there is no magic one click way to earning money online. Focus like you say is paramount to the success of your online business

    • Gary
    • August 28, 2016

    I enjoyed reading your article about how to free myself from the shiny object syndrome. Honestly, I still occasionally relapse, but the cure for me was finding Wealthy Affiliate and committing to the training.

    The difference is learning to think like an entrepreneur instead of an opportunity seeker buying one make-money-online product after another.

      • Maureen
      • August 29, 2016

      Thanks for your comment Gary. I think at one time or another we all have a relapse into the Shiny Object Syndrome. I tend to relapse when it comes to video production software. Anyway you are so right when you say we need to change the way we think. Thinking like an entrepreneur should help to keep us focused on the job at hand. Thanks for the great advice.

    • Alex
    • August 28, 2016

    Hi Brownie,
    Thank you for such a nice post.
    I know very well what you meant. I was addicted to shiny objects as well…until I found Wealthy Affliate.
    It is by far the best program to help you creating your own sucessful online business!!!
    I joined 6 month ago and I just love everything in WA: the tools, the community, the step by step classes… and the support is amazing!
    Great post!

    1. Reply

      Hi Alex Thanks for your comments. Wealthy Affiliate also rescued me from the shiny object syndrome. I was so bad I had to wear sunglasses when surfing around the internet.(lol) Thank goodness those days are gone.

  1. Reply

    Hi , Your post ” Free Yourself From The Shiny Object Syndrome” is spot on, and yes Wealthy Affiliate is the best of the best. It’s a tough spot to be in where you’re really looking for a real online education to create a real online business. There are so many scams and BS training programs out there that it’s tough to dissect between what is real and what is hype.

    I’ve worked with Wealthy Affiliate to create three online businesses and they’re absolutely awesome to work with. After being in the program for 8 months, I can still get help from the owners without hesitancy. WA’s a winner without a doubt!
    With Kind Regards,

    1. Reply

      Thanks for the comments Linda. I suffered from the Shiny Object Syndrome for a long time. Thanks goodness I am on the right track now.

  2. Reply

    Boy are you right with the shiny object removal program. Fortunately I haven’t accumulated too much as I tend to avoid new apps etc. However, and I don’t know how, I have suddenly accumulated a great deal of junk mail. I block these but they are almost certainly machine originated. So now I have to figure out how to ‘explode’ the machines at the other end. Oh is that a fantasy – but I wish it wasn’t.

    This page is very good looking and well written. Good work and see you around the net.


    1. Reply

      Hi Helen funny you should mention the junk mail I too have been getting a lot lately. I don’t know why but it seemed to happen after Sympatico made some changes with their email. Most annoying. You would think changes mean improvement.

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