Explaindio Video Creator Review

Explaindio Video Creator –  What Is It?

Explaindio Video Creator is a piece of software that needs to be loaded on to your computer in order to use it.  You can make what is known as explainer videos with this software.  The explainer videos can be made in different styles such as animation, doodle sketch, whiteboard and full motion.  Version One of this software was first released in 2014 for a one time price of approximately $27.00

Product:              Explaindio Video Creator
Owner:                 Andrew Darius
Price:                     $57/yearly
Overall Rank:    90/100
Benefits:              Newbie to Experienced
Website:              https://explaindio.com

In July 2015 Andrew upgraded the software and that cost for those who had version one again was approximately $27.00.  This was just for the upgrade, now the software has a yearly price tag of $57.00.

Also this software can be used on a PC or a MAC.

Explaindio Video Creator – What’s To Like

For me when I purchase a new piece of software I usually like to dive right in and see what makes it tick.   That is what I did with Explaindio.  The one thing that I really like is that it has a lot of tutorial videos to help you out.  Andrew also started a Facebook page where users could compare notes and ask questions.  You get a much faster response this way than through support.  Although support isn’t bad either as they do get back in a fairly reasonable time.

Explaindio Video Creator – What’s Not To Like

I only have one complaint with this software and it is really not with the actual software.  In order to use the software you do need videos, doodle art and other objects to put in your explainer videos.  Of course the software does come with some of these things but you do need to purchase these above the cost of the software itself.  This can end up being quite expensive.

There are various packages being sold at a good price so you need to be on the lookout for them or if you need something specific you can get it made but this is expensive.

Explaindio Video Creator – What Else Is There

As I mentioned earlier Explaindio Video Creator users do need to purchase videos and doodle art for the software.  However the software does come with some of these things already plus it comes with pre-made projects and pre-made slides that can be used for just about any niche.

online video creation
online video creation

Also if you have purchased similar software such as Easy Sketch Pro you can import their slides and doodle art and you can import pre-made animation from Video Maker FX.

Included With Explaindio Video Creator

  • High Definition Video Backgrounds
  • Classic Whiteboard for all Niches
  • 31 Different Sketch Hands
  • Royalty Free Music

The above is all free but you can also purchase additional music, additional templates and additional graphics.

You can sign up to receive more slides and SVG’s by joining a monthly membership for $22.00 a month.

Explaindio Video Creator – Final Thoughts

Although I found this not as easy to use as they all claimed I do think it can greatly help your online business.  Video is becoming more and more popular every day and adding videos to your campaigns can only help.  Definitely would recommend Explaindio.


Explaindio video creator
Explaindio video creator


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